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AC Repair When You Need It The Most: Virginia’s Reliant Customer Story

There’s never a good time for your air conditioning unit to break down, especially in the midst of the hot Texas summer. Say hello to Virginia, a beloved customer of ours since July 1999. We’ve had countless customers over the years like Virginia. These are customers with small children or elderly parents in the home, recovering from illness, or having other serious concerns. When faced with a system breakdown, they have a potentially dangerous and extremely uncomfortable situation on their hands. Recently, Virginia explained how, one day, we were there for her when she truly needed us the most.

Here’s her story, featured in our latest video.

Over the last seventeen or eighteen years that I’ve been a Reliant customer, I’ve had several experiences. But the most notable is when I had surgery and came home from the hospital, and my air conditioner had broken in July…in Texas. It was a hundred-and-something degrees, and the inside of my house was ninety-two. I cried on the phone, saying “I can’t go anywhere.” I also had a little dog, and, for the time being, a bucket of ice water. So, they came out two hours later and kept me going for three days until they were able to change my coil. I’ve been a loyal Reliant customer ever since.

They’ve always been there, as soon as I call, to fix anything that needs fixing. When I see Reliant’s truck, it just gives me a feeling of safety and security, just knowing that if I have a problem, they’re going to be there for me. That’s really important, knowing that a company is going to be there for you and fix things right the first time. 

We’re proud to be the DFW Metroplex’s professional, gimmick-free heating and air company who will take on any system repair or replacement and go the extra mile for our customers. Like we did for Virginia, we’ll do everything we can for you. Because to us, you really are an extension of our own family. Family takes care of family, and it’s as simple as that.

It’s time to put honesty back in the HVAC business, and we do just that. Need to schedule with us for AC repair, Dallas? If you’re experiencing air conditioner problems of any kind, contact us today. We’ll be there, this time and every time.

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