There’s a reason why we have a superhero theme: we’re always thinking up new ways to save you when it comes to Fort Worth air conditioning. We save you from gimmicky sales tactics, poor customer relations, and substandard HVAC service in Fort Worth.

But now it’s time for you to be the superhero and do the saving. Through our current special, you can save up to $3500 on a new AC unit. These savings come from:

  • Up to a $1500 instant rebate from the manufacturer

  • A free Infinity air purifier valued at $2000

  • $1000 from your utility provider if you qualify

  • An upgrade to a WIFI thermostat

  • A year of exclusive financing

If your AC unit is worn out after the nonstop summer sue and you were thinking of getting a new one next summer anyway, you might as well get it now while there’s a promotion available. You’ll continue to get use out of it, too. It may be fall, but it’s still hot and uncomfortable! Texas heat doesn’t care about seasons, so there’s no need to wait until next year to enjoy improved air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX. Then when summer rolls around again, you’ll already be prepared with a new AC unit and have up to an extra $3500 in your bank account.