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Beating The Heat Together: A Reliant Customer Story

We get a lot of customer feedback around here at Reliant Air Conditioning, and over the years we’ve learned to take the good with the bad. We recently heard from a customer who found himself in need of a new unit and faced with the tough decision to choose a company he and his wife could trust with this major investment. After hearing from the other guys, he gave us a call. What happened next? Read his experience below!

“Last summer, my wife and I were hoping to limp our two 20 year-old 3.5 ton AC units through one more hot Texas summer without any major repairs. Unfortunately, my wife called me at work in mid-July with the news that it was 88 degrees…in our bedroom! This was obviously not good, and to make matters worse, my wife works from home. As it turned out, one of our units had died. I decided to interview three companies as quickly as possible in order to get the one unit fixed. The first interview was with a company a friend had recommended. He misspelled the word “air conditioning” as he wrote out our estimate on a plain white piece of paper without a company logo on it. Therefore, he was out. The second representative came from another company that advertises on WBAP. He presented a big dog and pony show, took an hour and a half out of my life, and then wanted $13,000 for one single unit. Then, we met the Comfort Specialist from Reliant. The difference was like night and day! He was the nicest guy in the world. First of all, he didn’t do an annoying long dog and pony show. I really appreciated this having done in-home sales in the past. As a matter of fact, it didn’t seem like a sales presentation at all. It felt more like a couple of guys kicking around some ideas in order to solve the same problem. Then, he ran the numbers and it turned out that it made sense to replace both units at the same time. This was something I was not even considering. Instead of buying one unit for $13,000, we bought two 3.5 ton units from Reliant for $16,000. After we were done, he made a couple of calls and got our install scheduled for the very next day. The next day, two of Reliant’s crews came out and got right to work. At about mid-day, it looked a bit like a small plane had crashed into my front lawn. But, my wife and I never lost faith, and it turned out GREAT. Since that day, we have saved hundreds of dollars on our utility bills. We literally could not be happier with your Comfort Specialist, your install teams, and Reliant in general. My wife and I would like to tell you THANK YOU.”

To this customer, we are humbled by your kind words and sincerely thank you for sharing your experience. We love hearing the stories from each and every one of our loyal customers about the hard, honest work our technicians and staff have provided to you all since 1983. We’ve been proud to serve the DFW metroplex since day one, and we want you all to remember that you are the reason we’re in this business.

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