Comfort Advisor Information

Optimal Home Environment

The Old Way:

Air Conditioning and Heat were focused on:


An industry of box changers

The Reliant Way:

Today we:

Design a Customized comfort system for your home & family

Design an energy-efficient system

Match your family’s needs to the Comfort Survey

Create a healthier home environment (IAQ)

Make your family more comfortable

Provide family safety

Problems Are Not Solved By Equipment Alone.

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Energy Savings Package

  • Complete system leak check before start-up
  • Charge to manufacturer’s specs
  • Duct Sealant – metal tape and mastic
  • Insulate suction line

Comfort Control Package

  • Install ease of use comfort interface
  • Correct grilles and registers as required
  • Dampers for proper airflow
  • Set/check cooling and heating air volumes

Reliability Package

  • No sub-contractor installers
  • Refrigerant removal per federal guidelines
  • Install proper condensate drainage
  • Quality control audit (top 10%)

Quiet Package

  • Insulated Air Return Plenum
  • Vibration grommets on compressor
  • Compressor Sound blanket – select systems
  • Variable speed motors – select systems

Safety First Package

  • CO2 Detectors Installed
  • Condensation switches
  • Sunlight Resistant Armaflex
  • Mark all HVAC circuit breakers

Green Package

  • Recycle all eligible materials
  • Dispose of old mercury controls
  • Remove existing refrigerant to code
  • Precision system control

Air Quality Package

  • 4” standard filter install
  • Duct Sealant – metal tape and mastic
  • High-efficiency air purification (optional)
  • Easy-Change filter grilles (optional)

Even Airflow Package

  • Install Balancing Dampers
  • Set/check airflow volume
  • Remove old triangle boxes
  • Correct Improper Duct install



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