HVAC Mentor Service Technician

Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning has served the DFW and surrounding areas with a reputation for quality workmanship, excellent service, and competitive pricing for over 30 years. Our commitment in the fields of New Home Construction, Residential Replacement, and Residential Service has combined to make us the fastest growing, family-owned Heating and Air Conditioning Company in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.  Our extensive advertising campaigns have branded our “Gimmick-Free” approach to homeowners throughout the area, creating ample opportunity for our employees to showcase their skills to new customers throughout the year.

In 2016 we will be introducing our “Senior Mentor Technician” program, wherein a specified senior technician will assume the role of mentoring a small covey of technicians, as assigned to him/her. The responsibility of the senior technician will be limited, but specific. Along with running normal service calls, he/she will be a “go to” person for technical assistance and general coaching in all areas of being a Reliant Service technician.

Ideal candidates will be accomplished in providing a superior customer service experience, as it pertains to the retail business of heating and cooling, in the residential environment. He/she will have strong technical ability, and be able to disseminate knowledge to coworkers. He/she must have a strong sense of leadership, ambition, and desire to help others be successful. He/she must have a strong work ethic, a strong buy-in to the common practices and processes, and be able to work closely with a team of other “Mentor” Technicians, and Managers to help develop, and carry out the goals and visions within the Service Department as a whole. If you have what it takes, don’t miss out on this exciting and solid opportunity.


$20-$30 per hour, depending on experience


  • Ability to pass Pre-employment Drug Screening and Background Check
  • Clean Driving Record
  • 7+ years of experience actively conducting service repair work in the residential environment
  • Must have good communication and people skills
  • Must have good hygiene and a clean and neat appearance
  • Certificates of training and accomplishments are a plus
  • Must be registered with the State of Texas as a certified technician


  • Must have strong technical ability, able to quickly assess and diagnose HVAC equipment normally encountered in the residential environment.
  • Must have in depth technical knowledge of IAQ products, i.e., UV lights, Energy Recovery Ventilation, Filtration, PCO products, surge protection, etc..
  • Applicants must have strong communication and presentation skills with Homeowners.
  • Must have extraordinary ability to lead, and mentor others. This is a role requiring patience, and understanding in the ongoing challenges of helping others achieve their goals.
  • Must have a background in presenting IAQ, Maintenance Agreements, and other system upgrades (Documentation supporting this is a plus).


  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Stock Option Plan
  • Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Top pay
  • Company furnished uniforms
  • Company vehicles
  • Plenty of work year-round
  • 401k


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