Here at Reliant Air Conditioning, we stand behind our promise of no gimmicks. Customers that have worked with us before feel that and understand what it means for us to fight the sales tactics that other companies use to trick customers. They trust Reliant to be there when they need us time and time again. If we’re just getting to know you, we want to introduce you to our sales manager, Kris. He explains how much it means to our people on an individual level to be able to come in and save the day for each and every one of our customers.



“We call ourselves comfort advisors because we don’t see ourselves as salespeople. One of the favorite parts about my job is to be able to help a homeowner out in a stressful situation. Typically when we’re there, they don’t have air conditioning and they’re stressed out about the financial burden that they are going to undertake. I like to be able to go in and provide the homeowner with options that meet their budget, fix their system, and make them and their family comfortable so that they can rest at night in a cool, comfortable house before I go home and do the same.”

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