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Thank You For Registering To Extend Your Warranty

Today’s HVAC systems are designed to meet their full life expectancy only when annual preventive maintenance is performed, so much so that it’s actually a condition of the manufacturer’s equipment/parts warranty. Protect your investment and keep saving money on high-energy costs by joining the Reliant Air Conditioning Hero Club!

You may be wondering: Is Maintenance Important?

“The systems were just installed last year. They’re brand new and under warranty.

Why would I need a scheduled maintenance plan?”



If you buy a new car and drive 20,000 miles the first year, your car will run about 400 hours. You wouldn’t drive your new car 20,000 miles without changing the oil right?


If you buy a new home in Texas and set your AC to 75 degrees through the first summer, your HVAC system will run over 2900 hours, or 7 times longer than your new car!

What You Get:

Spring/Fall 20-Point Precision Tune-ups

Filter changes every 6 months

$100 New System Purchase Accrual each year

Early Bird Service Calls

How You’ll Benefit:

Lower Utility Bills

Longer Equipment Life

Same-Day Emergency Service

Protects your equipment warranty

We look forward to working with you, congratulations again on your new home!