Customer Testimonial

“Hi, my name is Brian Wooten. I’ve been a customer of Reliant Air Conditioning for about two years. One of our units from a long time ago we had installed the company came out and left the job around 6 o’clock and came back the next day to finish the job knowing we were relying on our AC unit at the house. When Reliant Air Conditioning showed up, they were there until almost ten-thirty at night. Once they started, they went through the entire day and into the evening to finish the job. I thought that was impressive. 

They also did our business. We have a little sheet metal shop, and they came out and did that almost the same fashion. The team arrived in the morning and left that evening. From start to finish they completed the work all in one day. That’s why we used them again because of what they did at the house. I think an important thing that they’re not showing is the before and after pictures. Our attic was a disaster when we bought the house, and when you go up there, it’s like wow.

My name is Jeff Stewart, and I am President of Reliant Air Conditioning. We emphasize taking care of your home. We use our doormats we use drop cloths from the front door to the working area, so we’re never walking directly on your floor. We try to leave the house cleaner than when we found it. Reliant Air Conditioning is “Gimmick-Free Since ’83.”