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We’re Proud To Serve: A Customer’s Story

The heating and air business can be tough going sometimes. We receive a lot of customer feedback around here at Reliant Air Conditioning, and over the years we’ve learned to take the good with the bad. Every so often, however, we hear a customer’s story that makes us remember why we do what we do around here. We’ve been in this industry a long time, and we had to stop and share this personal reminder of why we should always do our best to give you, our customers, our best. We’re humbled by this gentleman’s words and so very thankful to our devoted team for their dedication to our company and for truly caring for this customer.


Several weeks ago, we had our long-term provider of heat and AC service come by and change the filters and check out the system before winter began. Sadly, we were told that the primary AC coil was defective and that we needed to replace the two systems, soon. In short order, we had an estimate done and the news was worse than I imagined – over $17,500. My wife and I are seniors; we’re not wealthy but blessed with good health.

That quote caused me to call other providers and get a better idea of what all was entailed. Two other firms visited our home, and, in that process, we had the very good fortune of meeting your sales representative. During her initial visit, she asked the question, “Has anyone actually looked at the system to determine if it’s broken?” In fact, other than the service agent coming downstairs and pronouncing it damaged, no one had. She scheduled a second visit and brought an Arkansas fan named Jim with her, and to work they went.

After about a half hour of stressing the system both inside and outside, Jim took me to the attic and demonstrated that the coil was, in fact, working just fine. By using a detection device, he showed that there was no leakage across the entire unit. Your sales representative and I talked as Jim cleaned up the area and she advised that this is not the first time they have encountered this sort of sales technique. I will be eternally grateful that she and Jim returned to our home to establish what needs attention and what doesn’t.

Jeff, I don’t know you, but I got a good idea of what you represent and how you treat your employees today. It touches our hearts, my wife and mine, that you are recruiting, training, and recognizing men and women of the caliber of those who came to our home under your banner. I am thankful to know that Reliant is practicing business in a manner where everyone wins. While I am not seeking a way to spend several thousand dollars, you can bet that when it’s time to, Reliant will be the only one we call! I’m taking steps today to terminate the long-term relationship we have had with the other party.

We have a small community here, some 54 homes in small enclave in north Hurst. You should know that a copy of this is being posted on our community electronic bulletin board. Our hope is that you will get a number of calls with those neighbors looking for a trusting, honest opinion on all matters of air conditioning and heat.

Blessings and congratulations on having THE best staff around.

A Shaken Trust in AC Repair

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, and in the AC repair industry, it’s no different. Customers often approach technicians with a sense of uncertainty, their trust shaken by past experiences of overcharging or unnecessary services. Reliant Air Conditioning understands this skepticism. That’s why we’ve built our business on a foundation of trust. Our approach is simple: diagnose accurately, recommend honestly, and charge fairly. Our technicians are trained to prioritize the customer’s needs and to provide solutions that are both effective and economical. We are committed to restoring and reinforcing the trust that customers should have in air conditioning services. Through consistent, reliable work and transparent communication, we aim to shift the narrative and strengthen the faith our clients place in us, one successful repair at a time.

Uncovering the Truth

Reliant Air Conditioning’s commitment to transparency is critical in an industry where trust can be easily compromised. Our technicians have a sharp eye for detail, and they understand the importance of uncovering the true root of an air conditioning issue. They don’t just fix symptoms; they diagnose the underlying problems to provide lasting solutions. This thoroughness not only saves our customers money in the short term by avoiding unnecessary repairs but also in the long run by preventing future issues. When a Reliant Air Conditioning technician visits a home, they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure that the truth behind any AC malfunction is revealed. This approach has earned us respect in the community and has been fundamental in building long-term relationships with our clients. Our dedication to honesty in our AC repair services is what sets us apart and keeps our customers coming back.

A Strategy Rooted in Honesty

Honesty is not just a policy at Reliant Air Conditioning; it’s the core of our strategy. In every AC repair and maintenance job, we communicate transparently with our customers, ensuring they understand the work being done and why it’s necessary. This honest approach has earned us a reputation as trustworthy and reliable service providers in the HVAC industry. We believe that making informed decisions is the right of every customer, and we are there to guide them with factual, straightforward advice. As a result, our customers know that they are not being upsold unnecessary services or products. Instead, they’re receiving the attention and genuine care that their air conditioning issues require. Our strategy has built strong relationships and customer loyalty, proving that honesty is not just good ethics—it’s good business.

Serving Since 1983: A Remembrance

Since 1983, Reliant Air Conditioning has been a stalwart in the HVAC industry, building a legacy of reliability and customer satisfaction. This remembrance goes beyond celebrating our longevity; it’s about recognizing the trust that countless homeowners have placed in us over the decades. Each year has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing the best AC repair and air conditioning services possible. We take pride in knowing that families have grown up with Reliant Air Conditioning as their comfort provider, through scorching summers and chilly winters. As we look back on the years of service, we are reminded that our success is not measured by the number of repairs we’ve completed, but by the relationships we’ve nurtured and the communities we’ve served. This history of service is not just a part of our past; it guides our future as we continue to serve with the same dedication and integrity that started it all.

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